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Forstrong Mid-Year Outlook: Staying Cool on Inflation and Other Hot Topics
US stocks have had their worst start to a year since 1970 erasing tens of trillions of dollars in market capitalization. And US treasury bonds, a traditional shock absorber for portfolios, have had their worst start to a year since….wait for it….1788! One would have to reach back to the 1970s or even 1930s to witness such a destruction in value and complete absence of assets that protected on the downside.

Looking ahead, investors will continue to be fascinated with the question of “what could go wrong?”. Global risks are indeed elevated. Yet the reality is we have just witnessed one of the fastest value restorations in history. Yields are far higher, stock valuations are far lower and, perhaps overlooked, future return prospects now look far better than they have in years.

But investors need to recognize that the macroeconomic trends of the last decade have been punctured. Investment leadership has changed.

Please join Forstrong’s LIVE mid-year outlook as we tackle five of the most burning questions in 25 minutes or less.


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